Ahadi Ministry


We are glad that you found us online and we hope you will look around. The Ahadi community is a Fresh Expressions Ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto with a mission to reach East African Canadians and friends in the Greater Toronto Area by Word and by Action. ‘Ahadi’ is a Swahili word that means ‘promise’. The ministry seeks to respond to Jesus’ call of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20, trusting that he will journey with them just as he promised his disciples. We are an African expression of worship with key elements of dancing, testimony, and the participation of children. We seek answer the question,  “Where do your children go for prayer?” and believe this is an unsatisfied need in the wider East African communityin the Greater Toronto Area that Ahadi speaks and ministers to.

Most of our members came to Canada as immigrants on ‘points’.  We are refugees, imigrants with resources and job seekers. We are at various levels in our careers. We are individuals and we are families. We come from all over Ontario including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Waterloo, Pickering, Milton and New Market.  We have origins in East Africa and beyond. Although we use English and Swahili, we speak many other African and non-African languages. 



Karibu! Tunakushukuru wewe kwa kutupata sisi kwa njia ya mstari huu. Tuna matumaini kuwa utaangalia kote  na uchakugue kujiunga nasi. Ahadi ni huduma ya Parokia ya Mtakatifu Chad na Anglikana Dayosisi ya Toronto. Huduma huu ulianzishwa ili ufikie watu wote waliotoka Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki na marafiki katika wao walioko Mji mkubwa wa Toronto na vijiji zake. Lugha rasmi kwa Ibada ibada yetu na huduma zetu zote ni Kiingereza na Kiswahili na tafsiri inapobidi. Watoto na vijana wanakaribishwa sana katika huduma wa Ahadi. Sisi tunakukaribisha wewe kujiunga nasi ukiwapo na nafasi. Asante sana tena kwa kuchagua kutuangalia!

Jua kwamba, popote ulipo katika safari yako ya kiroho, huduma wa Ahadi unakukaribish. Mungu akubariki.

Worship Times

Sunday Worship time is 1:30 pm

Eucharist is First Sunday of the month @1:30 pm


Special Worship Service the last Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm for the East Afican Community and friends in the Greater Toronto Area.


The official languages of worship are English and Swahili with translations where necessary.


We are located just north of the intersection of St Clair Avenue West and Dufferin Street in Toronto’s west end. There is parking in the lot behind the church, which is free on Sundays. The parking lot is on Westmount Avenue, a one way street heading north, one block east of Dufferin Street. Entrance is just before the yellow fire hydrant.